Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dash Berlin

I never really liked Dash Berlin too much, but since I'm going to Electronic Techno Disco Popsicle (ETD Pop what a weird name) I thought I might as well. And I wiki'd him and looked him up on Google and I found it interesting that Dash Berlin isn't just one person but a group *project.

And there is one man that tours the world spreading the Dash Berlin sound that DJ is Jeffrey Preject. Dash Berlin's songs are very trancey if you look up his songs you  notice what I mean. His style seems very slow to me and he utilizes many synthesizer sounds. Dash Berlin also played at Winter Music Conference in Miami this past week and I listened to his set and it was pretty awesome maybe because hes been throwing in some dubstep in his sets so it is a lot more enjoyable and easy to rage too haha.

Nevertheless I am looking forward to seeing Dash Berlin tonight after all he is number 15 on DJ Mag's top 100 DJ list. I do enjoy trance music and Dash Berlin is a huge head in trance music. Oh and I forgot to mention he is signed to Armada music.

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