Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dash Berlin

I never really liked Dash Berlin too much, but since I'm going to Electronic Techno Disco Popsicle (ETD Pop what a weird name) I thought I might as well. And I wiki'd him and looked him up on Google and I found it interesting that Dash Berlin isn't just one person but a group *project.

And there is one man that tours the world spreading the Dash Berlin sound that DJ is Jeffrey Preject. Dash Berlin's songs are very trancey if you look up his songs you  notice what I mean. His style seems very slow to me and he utilizes many synthesizer sounds. Dash Berlin also played at Winter Music Conference in Miami this past week and I listened to his set and it was pretty awesome maybe because hes been throwing in some dubstep in his sets so it is a lot more enjoyable and easy to rage too haha.

Nevertheless I am looking forward to seeing Dash Berlin tonight after all he is number 15 on DJ Mag's top 100 DJ list. I do enjoy trance music and Dash Berlin is a huge head in trance music. Oh and I forgot to mention he is signed to Armada music.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Benny Benassi

I was originally going to write about Above and Beyond today but I think that will have to wait because I am going to see Benny Benassi (real name Marco Benassi) at ETD Popsicle! Of course there are other artists attending but this Italian disc jockey is headlining. I know for sure everyone knows at least one song from BB - Satisfaction.
This song was released years ago and has racked up 13million views. Half of them probably come from that amazing rack right theeeerreeee. But if you youtube do a youtube search for Benny Benassi it is litterally more than 3 pages of his song Cinema and Skrillex's awesome remix of it. Honestly I am not a big fan of Benny Benassi but he is a powerhouse name in the world of electronic music. He has signed with a few record labels in his time, most notably Ultra and Ministry of Sound. Even though I am not that big of a fan I know that he will play one hell of a set at ETD Popsicle and I really do hope that he drops Skrillex's remix I wanna rage to that haha! Oh and another interesting little fact about him he is #27 on DJ Mag's top 100 DJ list this year!

Intro to my blog

I posted two entries already, but I have yet to introduce myself. I am a 20 year old Korean-American male living in the best state in the United States, California. I never really listened to any EDM, techno, house, trance or any kind of electronic music until I got to college, and really that was when I believe it really started to blow up. Before I got to college I've only heard of really big names two specifically, Kaskade and Deadmau5. (WOW deadmau5 doesn't have the little squiggly red line under it o.o) And really and of course the song that I liked that was produced by both of these American DJ's was titled I Remember.

This song is really a true mix of both these DJ's styles. In the near future I will most definitely do a write up about both these great American DJ's. but for now I'll keep writing about how I got into electronic music.

 After I got into college I met a bunch of new people that were really into this kind of  music. I never really gave in until I decided to go to my first rave. And wow that was pretty awesome, mostly because of the drugs. Ecstasy is one hell of a drug. If it weren't for this little pill I'm not to sure electronic music would be where it is now. I remember my favorite song back then, almost two years ago, was Afrojack - Take Over Control

And since then I looked up songs, artists, and record labels on my own and my library of music now has quite the collection of electronic songs, but it is still mostly hip-hop and rap.

To end this post, I want to say that this blog will be my write-up of what I find on artists I like. Even though I have been listening to electronic music for almost two years I hardly know the history or bio of any really big electronic artists or labels and by really big I mean world-wide. Electronic music has just reached America and has now gone viral world-wide.

Follow my blog for general info on artists, record labels, and GOOD music.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


f7u12 is a subreddit and if you don't know what a subreddit it google it and you will find out that it is from reddit and if you don't know what reddit is then... stop going outside and get on your computer!! The internet is full of surprises and stuff. But every now and then I will post pictures maybe just blog about what the day had in store from me and use this time to just reflect on the day and hopefully end it with a nice rage comic or uplifting picture maybe a motivational picture one day. But for my first day of blogging on this site I shall end it with a rage comic that I found on reddit.
sometimes i like to post random rage comics/pics to make my blog seem more fun :) enjoy

This comic was kind of predictable but it was the comic i chose after reading rage comics for like thirty minutes haha. I do like to read rage comics every once in a while. Its just another something to do mindlessly on the computer. 


Time to blog about some of the best Electric Dance Music music out there anywhere. Take a second, chill, and listen.

Kyau & Albert - This Love [Original Mix]

This song is amazing. Released by the two German DJ/Producers. They've been in the trance game for a long time They are signed with the record label Euphonic. This record label has many more great trance/edm artists. Most notably including Above&Beyond and Armin van Buuren. Be sure to check out their amazing tracks!

 Some more info about these guys. This trance duo get their name from Ralph Kyau and Steven Moebius Albert which are their real names! I love their album Here we are Now, but other than that I haven't been keeping up with them but I came across this song on youtube from them and its been on repeat this whole week. I don't know who is doing the vocals on this song if anyone can let me know that would be great! Comment on what you think of the song!

I hope that Electronic Dance Music can become a liking of yours and one day you can enjoy it as much as and the rest of the world does!