Wednesday, March 28, 2012


f7u12 is a subreddit and if you don't know what a subreddit it google it and you will find out that it is from reddit and if you don't know what reddit is then... stop going outside and get on your computer!! The internet is full of surprises and stuff. But every now and then I will post pictures maybe just blog about what the day had in store from me and use this time to just reflect on the day and hopefully end it with a nice rage comic or uplifting picture maybe a motivational picture one day. But for my first day of blogging on this site I shall end it with a rage comic that I found on reddit.
sometimes i like to post random rage comics/pics to make my blog seem more fun :) enjoy

This comic was kind of predictable but it was the comic i chose after reading rage comics for like thirty minutes haha. I do like to read rage comics every once in a while. Its just another something to do mindlessly on the computer. 


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  2. A testament to the old saying... "Women be shoppin." Lol.