Monday, April 2, 2012

NorCal vs SoCal Raves

This weekend I went to etd pop and it was fun I had a great time but there were noticeable differences between the two areas, after all southern California is a much different place than northern California. ETD Popsicle 2012 was held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The first very noticeable difference is in the people, there were many many more Asians but that really wasn't too noticeable. But the energy and feel of the crowd was much more different. In nor Cal it seems like people are a lot more mellow and don't rage as hard as soCal crowds. It isn't a bad thing because in soCal it seems that people get way too fucked up on drugs and  there are a ton of people on the floor just fucked up. But really those two were the only big differences and it felt like just another rave at the end.

I did also notice that Skills event has very loose security. There were cops walking around the event during the whole thing and they just seemed to turn a blind eye to basically everything more so than Insomniac events. They hardly even frisked me and anyone could have gotten anything through I would honestly not have been surprised if some people were able to take in weapons and some other big things.

Oh and there was WAY MORE dubstep! Too much dubstep for my taste I do like to listen to dubstep at raves and rage every now and then while the DJ spins dubstep but it seems like Dash Berlin played mostly dubstep and so did Benny Benassi which is definitely not their styles.

But all in all I had fun at ETD Popsicle 2012 and would recommend anyone to go.

And for my favorite song of the night! Armin van Buuren - Not giving up on love (Dash Berlin's 4AM remix)

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  1. I went to the New Years rave in socal this year. it was absolutely sick