Thursday, March 29, 2012

Benny Benassi

I was originally going to write about Above and Beyond today but I think that will have to wait because I am going to see Benny Benassi (real name Marco Benassi) at ETD Popsicle! Of course there are other artists attending but this Italian disc jockey is headlining. I know for sure everyone knows at least one song from BB - Satisfaction.
This song was released years ago and has racked up 13million views. Half of them probably come from that amazing rack right theeeerreeee. But if you youtube do a youtube search for Benny Benassi it is litterally more than 3 pages of his song Cinema and Skrillex's awesome remix of it. Honestly I am not a big fan of Benny Benassi but he is a powerhouse name in the world of electronic music. He has signed with a few record labels in his time, most notably Ultra and Ministry of Sound. Even though I am not that big of a fan I know that he will play one hell of a set at ETD Popsicle and I really do hope that he drops Skrillex's remix I wanna rage to that haha! Oh and another interesting little fact about him he is #27 on DJ Mag's top 100 DJ list this year!