Monday, April 2, 2012

Above and Beyond Part 1 : Their Names

Above and Beyond, my favorite trance group and my favorite anything electronic music genre group. I can listen to their music any time, while relax, sleep, doing homework, and when they DJ their music lives in clubs or any sets. Their podcast Trance Around The World with Above and Beyond is my favorite podcast and I have listened to many of their 418 *as of March 30, 2012* casts. Always enjoyable and awesome.

Honestly there is just so much to write about these three so for this post I am only going to write just general information about them (I am going to write about them in separate posts) and hopefully you take a moment and listen to their music and can enjoy it as much as I and people all over the world do. I suggest you take a listen to their epic TATW #415 that won BBC Radio's Essential mix in 2011 and they also won in 2010. It is a replay of their 2011 essential mix with "spoken word" here's a mixcloud link to it

Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond #415 BBC Radio 2011 Essential mix winner

This group was formed ten years ago in 2000 with members Jono Grant, Tony McGuiness and Paavo Siljamaki.

*edit: hmm i copy pasted something and it whited out their names are Jono Grant, Tony McGuiness and Paavo Silijamaki.

They formed their own record label called Anjunabeats, they also formed Anjunadigital and Anjunadeep which release different remixes and sounds of their songs which I will most likely write about in the future. To date Anjunabeats is on Volume 9 I haven't listened to all of them, mostly the earlier ones, but I do really enjoy the newer ones. And they released three albums but they released one album titled Sirens of the Sea as OceanLabs which is just Jono Tony and Paavo with the vocalist they signed named Justine Suissa. 

I am actually going to see them live at The Shrine in LA this coming May and am really excited :)
I will continue writing about Above and Beyond very soon! Thanks for reading!


  1. It's great to see music keep evolving.

  2. I've listened to some early 90's trance and it was... odd... to say the least. i can only hope the genre has improved since then. I'll definitely check these guys out

    1. yes trance was rather odd back then haha thanks for reading tho i hope you do listen and i will def read your blog