Thursday, April 5, 2012

EDC 2012 Lineup

Here it is!!! It's ALMOST HERE EDC, Electric Daisy Carnival 2012! Once again at the Las Vegas Motor speed way if you were there you witnessed the awesomeness that was EDC 2012. Seriously, most insane rave I have ever been too, the lights, the stage, and the good vibes, all awesome. Check out this lineup there's way too many awesome artists too even count. I don't know if I will be going because it is the week before my finals week -_- but hopefully maybe I can make it to one night :D.


  1. I went last year & planning on going this year! I hope I's beautiful! :)

  2. i went last year as well, but man.... what an expensive weekend. I live in socal so the drive isnt bad plus im use to it, but the tickets are more expensive this year, plus finding a room and getting to the speedway every night. Probably going to skip this year which sucks because that lineup is on a european rave scale. AMAZING.

    1. ya the stage was AWESOME hahaha me and my friends were also on a tight budget so we stayed in motel 6 -_- so grimy but yes that lineup wooooow

  3. I hope you get there, would be fun!